Discount Cards and Vouchers

Sale cards are not sold anymore since 2017

Coupons 1+1 are not available anymore. Only possibility is to use unused registered sales card and special sale from pizza box.

FREE DELIVERY or how to avoid the paying for delivery on your order 1. Order between 11AM – 11PM (valid every day) pizza/pizzas and additions. The final price has to be more then 300CZK after all discounts.

2. Order between 11AM – 11PM (valid every day), any food or drink except cigarettes and packing. The final price has to be more then 400CZK after all discounts.

3. Order ten or more full paid pizzas. This discount applies nonstop action every day for the whole territory of Prague.

In other cases you can check the prices for transport in General business terms and conditions, in the part of Transport and various

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