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Soft drinks

Supplementary assortment

Haagen - Dazs Ice Cream

  Price for one piece  
Häagen Dazs Salted Caramel 200 order
Häagen Dazs Mango & raspberry 200 order
Häagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate 200 order
Häagen Dazs Strawberries&Cream 200 order
Häagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake 200 order
Häagen Dazs Vanilla 200 order
Häagen Dazs Macadamia Nut Brittle 200 order


  Price for one piece  
Non alcoholic beer Birell 0,5l 40 order
Gambrinus 0,5l plech 45 order
Plze? 0,5l plech 50 order

Energy Drinks

  Price for one piece  
Mr. Brown 0,25l 50 order
Redbull 0,25l 65 order


  Price for one piece  
Vodka 4cl 45 order
Rum Božkov 0,5l 200 order
Vodka Božkov 0,5l 200 order
Vodka Finlandia 1l 560 order
Vodka Absolut 1l 610 order
Johnnie Walker 1l 610 order
Rum Captain Morgan 1l 610 order
Jim Beam 1l 610 order
Jameson 1l 690 order

Wine and Sect

  Price for one piece  
White wine 0,187l 45 order
Red wine 0,187l 45 order
White wine 1l 109 order
Red wine 1l 109 order
White italian wine 0,75l 149 order
Red italian wine 0,75l 149 order
Gently Sparkling White Wine Lambrusco 0,75l 170 order
Gently Sparkling Red Wine Lambrusco 0,75l 170 order
Chianti 0,75l 200 order
Frascati 0,75 l 200 order
Bohemia Champagne 0,75l 230 order


  Price for one piece  
B&H dual 101 order
Winston Red 105 order
B&H Black 107 order
Camel Black 108 order
Camel White 108 order
Camel Activate 113 order
Camel Blue 117 order
Camel 117 order