General business terms and conditions

Pizza Go Home ® offers a delivery service throughout the capital city of Prague and the surrounding area.

We reserve the right not to deliver to some areas, eventually to customers with poor payment morale.
Each facility may have different opening hours, which can be changed. Central dispatch Pizza Go Home is working NON-STOP on the phone: 283 870 000

Payment Terms

For our services and products you can pay in cash or with meal vouchers (Ticket Restaurant, Sodexho, Le Chegue dejaners). Our drivers can not carry more than 1000CZK in cash for safety reasons. So please, be prepared to pay by cash or let us know advanced that you will pay with a higher bill than the 1000,-CZK. All payments are in the Czech currency, unless previous agreement has been made. From 11.30PM to 7AM are all the products and services (except cigarettes) charged with night extra pay of 10%. Cash, please recalculate the payment. Later complaints will not be accepted. It is now possible to pay by credit card, and even the distribution. Payment by credit card must be ordered in advance, otherwise it can not be completed.


Side dishes, salads, cigarettes, pasta, drinks and some ingredients may be temporarily sold out, unfortunately. In these cases an alternative will be offered.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pizza Go Home ® delivers superior quality pizza using the freshest quality raw materials. If even happen that you are not satisfied for any reason, we provide a replacement product, discount vouchers or money back. The place of complain is always the branch Pizza Go Home ® in which the product was purchased or from where it has been delivered. Money return is possible only against complete return of gods. While the delivery is made, the contact place is always our NON-STOP central control and the phone is 283 870 000.

Special offers and discounts

All special offers and discounts must be ordered in advance while you order. You can not claim them by return. Every special offer or discount have a specific conditions of use and it is a part of the offer and it can not be combined or summed up.
We reserve the right to disclaim, terminate or cancel any of our special offer or discount and without the possibility of any financial or other compensation. Early termination of discount does not apply to Customer Card users. This product expire within six months of purchase of the card or the exhaustion of their discount coupons.

Delivery times

Our goal is to ensure the best pizza delivery, with the guarantee of hot pizza and early delivery of your order from 35 to 60 minutes after your ordering. Our central control will tell you the actual delivery time, while you are making the order. Unfortunately, not always everything goes as we would wish. Therefore, some factors such as weather or traffic conditions can make the delivery longer. For delays caused by a third party (accident, etc.), we can not assume responsibility and therefore this is not a legitimate reason for complain. In the case of complications, you will be notified by phone. The average delivery time to Take away orders in 2010 was 55 minutes. Personal order, we realized within 15 minutes of ordering.


Dear customers, if our staff will not give you a receipt from the cash desk, do not pay the order and call to our central control.
After writing additional information your order will be issued for free.

Transport and various

Transporting charge is divided into several categories and in principle is calculated as follows:
The first kilometer towards the customer from our database and maps = 30CZK. Each additional kilometer started towards the customer = 20 CZK ... ... .... up to the maximum calculated distance of six kilometers = 130CZK. This is the maximum for transport throughout the capital city of Prague. For the surrounding area is the standard fee for the delivery 190CZK. The remaining traffic is in agreement with the central control on the phone 283 870 000. For each order, which is carried out through our central control is a flat rate of packing 40CZK. It is not a payment for a box! The box is always within the price of pizza. Our pizza is kept only in original box PIZZA GO HOME for the personal order and delivery.
There are not determined the minimum or maximum orders in CZK. For new registered customers your first order may be required to deposit 50% of the price of your order, and especially in the evening and night hours due to the possible cancellation of your orders.

How to avoid the paying for delivery on your order:
1. Order between 11AM – 11PM (valid every day) pizza/pizzas and additions. The final price has to be more then 300CZK after all discounts.

2. Order between 11AM – 11PM (valid every day), any food or drink except cigarettes and packing. The final price has to be more then 400CZK after all discounts.
3. Order ten or more full paid pizzas. This discount applies nonstop action every day for the whole territory of Prague.

Trademark & copyright

Pizza Go Home ® logo is a registered trademark and is an exclusive property of Pizza Go Home Centrum Ltd. and is protected by copyright and ownership.

All contents of these pages, such as image materials, text, names of the offers and software is a property of Pizza Go Home Centrum Ltd..

Protection of the personal data

You consent that the data you have given (with the confirmation and sending the order) are
processed in accordance with the law for protection of the personal data for further use in
mail-order sales in the company PIZZA GO HOME Centrum Ltd. To improve of service your call may be recorder sound.


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