About pizzeria

The company PIZZA GO HOME was founded in 1993 with the aim to build a network of pizzerias in Prague, in order to guarantee the time of delivery considering the complicated transport accessibility from one establishment. Since the beggining we make pizza only from the real Italian ingredients. Do not expect any cheap puree and other poor quality and cheap raw materials from us. The quality of raw materials, the process and high demands on the provide services are on the first place for us. Our central control made an order every 4 minutes and we would like to thank you for it.

We can guarantee a high standard of quality even in such a number of ordered pizzas like 100 pieces or more!

We are the only pizzeria which has a call center 283870000, where a trained team is expecting your order.

Our company is regularly chosen by companies such as Orbit, Vodafone, T-Mobile and not only to eat pizzas, but also as an advertising medium for our boxes.

After mutual agreement we have realized several mobile pizzerias for our customers.

Company PIZZA GO HOME is very popular network. Proves can be found on these links: