Dear Customers, we currently have trouble receiving orders. If we did not respond to your order for a long time, please call the dispatching center. Thank you for your understanding. Pizza Go Home

How to order

For your internet order is necessary to select and confirm the range by clicking on the button 'order'. Then you choose the type of range, size and number. After you have chosen your range confirm that with the button 'add to order'. There will be displayed your overview of your order.

If you want to order more goods, please repeat the procedure.

To complete an order, you can choose two procedures.

1st procedure: Confirm the icon: login and fill the form
2nd procedure: Confirm the icon: a single order without login

1st procedure:

With the choice of the first procedure will be displayed the name and password. If you already have an active username and password, enter them as instructed. If you do not have an active username and password, click on the icon: register.

Then fill the required information as instructed and confirm by clicking to icon SEND. After confirmation of receiving the name and password there is no full registration needed while ordering the next time. You will have so-called quick access already from the main page.

This procedure is suitable for repeated orders.

2nd procedure:

Confirm the icon SINGLE ORDER WITHOUT LOGIN. Fill the required information as instructed and confirm with the icon SEND. In this case you will have to fill the information again while ordering the next time.

If you apply for paying with a discount voucher, please indicate what kind of discount it is in the box 'Additional information'.

In the case of any questions or difficulties, please contact the team of central control.

They are available 24 hours a day on the number: 283 870 000.